Chime Coating

Chime coating

Chime Coating

We take pride in being leader of Chime Coating of bulk storage tanks at Oil & gas industries. Through our chime coating, tanks' annular plate, shell bottom seam & ring wall is secured from corrosion, Ultraviolet radiation & water seepage.

Tank chime is subject to excessive corrosion due to condensation of moisture & corrosive dew formation along with atmospheric corrosive compounds such as carbonic acid, sulfuric acid & other chemical effluents. Tank base corrosion issues where the tank chime is accessible and subject to wet/dry chloride crevice environment, because of which, corrosive non‐coated tanks undergo heavy pitting perhaps & consequently develops pin & larger holes. As a result, there is vapor loss from inside & water seepage from outside results in product loss &/or contamination & enhanced corrosion inside the tank.

IVYS Chime Coating methodology is specially formulated anti‐rust, water & weatherproof coating, used for storage steel tanks. Tanks with pinholes in diameter are coated with Barrier TCP by our trained personnel.

Barrier TCP is a coating specially formulated for strong bondage with a metallic surface like steel, GI steel & stainless steel. It has 300% elongation and protects from atmospheric corrosion. It is suitable for hydrocarbon storage tanks such as kerosene, jet fuel, LPG, diesel, petrol & crude oil. Before applying, the surface should be cleaned by power tool cleaning ST3 (SSPC‐SP3) with an application of an anti‐rust coat (01 coat).

The surface should be checked for any holes which are patched by barrier/fabric, a coat is applied subsequently laying of fabric tissue, simultaneously a second coat is applied with 4‐6 hours interval (depends on atmospheric conditions).

It is advisable to coat extra area rather than the area which is in need.

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