Mechanical Pipeline Cleaning

Mechanical Pipeline Cleaning

Mechanical Pipeline Cleaning

We specialize in Mechanical Pipeline Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Pipeline Cleaning, Boiler Cleaning, Transformer Coating & Cleaning. We provides in non-destructive protective coatings & cleaning of mechanical pipeline; MS, CS & SS etc.

Time, material deterioration & corrosion of the aging pipeline infrastructure increase the overall likelihood of pipeline failures, according to industry trends. The consequences of pipeline failures can include:

  • Environmental Impact
  • Worker & Public Safety Issues
  • Clean-up Costs
  • Unscheduled Downtime Due to Repair(s) &
  • Maintenance Costs

Regulated pipelines are generally inspected for integrity every 05 years if transporting liquid & every 07 years if transporting natural gas. Chemical cleaning in conjunction with the use of mechanical pigs removes a greater volume of debris with fewer runs. Chemical cleaning, by definition, means the use of liquid cleaners mixed in a diluent to form a cleaning solution that can be pushed through a pipeline by pigs.

IVYS cleaning chemicals work rather differently than traditional cleaning agents. Instead of dissolving contaminants, our chemical mixtures:

  • Penetrate between the wall of the pipe & contaminants
  • Reduce the adhesive forces of the contaminants
  • Emulsify contaminants into a slurry to make it pumpable so that it can be moved forward easily in the circuit.

In summary, IVYS advanced Mechanical Pipeline Cleaning offers many benefits compared to mechanical pigging that leads to cost reductions, more reliable integrity checks & increased operating capacity, courtesy: much cleaner pipeline.

Our Non-Destructive Protective Coatings Include:

  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning
  • Boiler Cleaning
  • Transformer Coating & Cleaning etc.

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